The Old Man Help Single Mom Flx Baby StroIIer, Next Day He Sees Private PIane Landing For Him – Story Of The Day

Waitress gives up her lunch for poorly dressed old man who smells bad and sees his boss hugging him – Story of the day

Boy begs his dad to adopt a girl who makes fun of her for being an orphan, then the man finds out that she is his son’s sister: the story of the day

A poor boy helps in a flower shop to buy a bouquet of flowers for his mother’s birthday and finds $1100 stuffed in it: the story of the day

Baker Kicks Out Girl Who Wants To Buy Cake For Dying Mom And Begs Her To Come Back Later – Story Of The Day

The old woman lets an orphan boy from a gang live in her house, soon no one recognizes her home: the story of the day

An old woman with a broken leg lies motionless in bed, one night she sees her son-in-law sneak into her room: the story of the day

Single Dad Struggles To Raise Triplets, One Day Finds Out They’re Not His – Story Of The Day

Wife is confused when her husband runs to the dump and hugs a dirty homeless man with tears in his eyes — Story of the Day